The five stages ofsmall business growth

How GIFFY can help your company move upward

GIFFY allows you to retain customers by providing a robust and customizable CRM.


GIFFY permits you to improve your customer service by providing a CMS that will enable you to share valuable content or create a customer portal.


GIFFY allows you to scale your operations by enabling you to deploy any application fast and inexpensively.


GIFFY allows you to grow safely by scaling your infrastructure as needed and maintaining your systems safe and available.

Take Off

GIFFY can grow into an enterprise platform supported by over 200 developers working around the clock to sustain the growth of your business.

Resource Maturity

GIFFY by Infiflex

GIFFY RAD Framework

GIFFY by Infiflex

Low Code Platform

GIFFY by Infiflex

Scalable Infrastructure

GIFFY by Infiflex

200+ team of developers

GIFFY by Infiflex

US based Client Success Team

GIFFY by Infiflex

Software as a Service mode

GIFFY by Infiflex

Top tier security and availability

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Multi-cloud platform

GIFFY by Infiflex

More than 7,000+ clients supported

GIFFY by Infiflex

Pricing Model

Simple, affordable and scalable

    Per-user Per-month (Paid Annually)

  • $ 25*
  • Per-user, regardless of the number of applications you deploy with GIFFY
  • No automatic renewal

    Per-user Per-month (Paid Monthly)

  • $ 30*
  • Per-user, regardless of the number of applications you deploy with GIFFY
  • Cancel anytime

    Professional Support (Per-hour)

  • $ 100
  • Pay for our professional support per-hour; you decide when and how to engage with us
  • You pay when we deliver
* Additional Hosting and Framework Charges May Apply

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